Sorting the Setlist

i tryd to find a faster way to sort my setlist and i did the followihg steps because with bb its not so comfortable:

  • searching the folder on the sd-card (in my case 41FFE096) where my setlist with all the songs is placed
  • open the file CONFIG.CSV with microsoft excel
  • create a new column that contains the order number of the songs in my setlist
  • sort that it begins from 1 to xx
  • delete the new column
  • save the file

After starting the bb the order is as i wish!

My question to the specialists is: would it be a Problem to do it in this way


Using Microsoft Excel for saving CONFIG.CSV may probably cause problems.
Anyways, you’d better use either Notepad or any other plain text editors for reading/editing/saving CONFIG.CSV.
Doing it this way is guaranteed to work (if you obey the simple file structure rules).

filename.ext, 10. Song name as displayed by BeatBuddy

By the way, you can even use normal file names, like
8======0.xyu, Awesomesauce
will work perfectly well if there is indeed a file named like that next to the CONFIG.CFG!

But please note, you may run into issues when manually editing config file:

  1. Make sure to never ever use long file names! The pedal won’t be able to read. All file names should comply 8.3 format (8 chars max for name (dot) 3 chars max for extension).
  2. Make sure you use a comma after file name to delimit it from displayed song name.
  3. Make sure you either have a “(dot)” (like filename, 3. name) after a file name. Otherwise prepare to have BeatBuddy “eat up” one word up to the first space, as in filename, Bad Ass Song will make the pedal display Ass Song.
  4. Keep in mind, that ever using BBManager will mangle your awesome file names back into 8 hex digits.BBS.

sorry but i think i didnt explain my problem good enough!
I didnt change any filename. I just sorted the lines from file CONFIG.CSV nothing more.
Withou excel i have no chance to sort the CONFIG.CSV.

When you say it causes problems then i have do do it by bb software.

On my first ever demo I had to do it this way as the manager software hadn’t been released you can read more here.

If this easier for you then fine but I would see this as “technically competent” so if you can do this I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to use the manager software. If you do use excel ensure you always save the file as .csv otherwise you will get an excel file type with the BB can’t read.

As Deafecator mentioned you can call the files anything you like as long as it is 8+3 eg however a warning to anyone who does that, the BB manager will no longer work if you install it later and you will need recreate the SD card.

now as i readed your posts i think its more save to sort the setlist with the bb software and hope that in later updates the sorting function will be more comfortable.


Drag’n’Drop is on the way.

thats good news!
For managing setlists i dont need all informations that a song contain (intro, fills etc.)
If its not possible to realize drag and drop then it would be useful to have a field beside the song that shows the order number in my setlist. It would be a great help to see the order number as a count on my bb after synchronizing. Maybe also a swap function corresponding to songs which uses the same order number in this setlist



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