Hi All ,
i am a new member to this forum from India , quite amazed at the capabilities of beatbuddy,
i am actually looking for Soul Rhythm sadly i couldn’t find it anywhere , please do let me know if any of you happen to have it ,

also does someone has drum beats for bollywood or hindi music ?

Is “Soul Rhythm” the name of a song you want, or is that a genre of music? There are probably some Bollywood or Hindi beats that could be made, but it’s much easier to try to find source Midi material if we song titles. I’ve been thinking about building a tablas kit, and this would give me a reason to do it.

I was able to find a link for soul rhythm. I’ll be quite interested to see how u create these beats and what software u use. .I’m not sure if I have seen any tutorials around it.

The above link described the basic process for converting a midi file to a Beat Buddy file. Midi drum tracks can be created in any DAW. I use Logic Pro X. Without a source track, or written drum sheet music, making a drum track from an audio recording is largely a time consuming process. At least in this case, you do have a kit that you can watch being played, and then try to place the drum hits at the correct location in the midi file.