Sound check songs and patterns

I setup some utility songs and patterns and loaded as a sound check folder at the top of my BB menu. At a gig is it nice to have sequential run through of max vol per drum to set the initial PA levels with steady kick, snare etc. For doing work with Midis I included the zip as it is also nice to have all the assigned notes for BBM in separate midi files so that when you are in a DAW outside of BB you can compare kits etc. There are 2 measures per hit of 8 - 1/4 notes. No default kit. The mid-max version is 4 hits at vel 64 then 4 at 128 for mid/max from the sample sounds. The transition version is better for live level checking with transition being the next instrument and all hits at max velocity.

Nice idea. I just had trouble setting BB volume at last performance. The mains were good but I started with monitors too low. Then did most of the set with BB too high in monitors.

The constant battle with monitoring, feedback and house levels. A good steady thump and snare up front could help set the bar, plus it sounds like the beginning of a concert instead of a backing track that way :smiley: