Sound output from L/R is WAY to low

I’ve seen this posted here before and don’t know the resolution.
My BB output is so low its virtually unusable. I’ve tried it on numerous systems from DAW, PA, Interfaces and its all the same low output. The volume from the headphone jack is great but the L/R output just can’t be correct.
Help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I noticed no one has responded here. I gather you’re just running standard TRS cables into the devices? What happens when you adjust the main volume control on the front? (silly question I know)

I’d suggest contacting the guys at and let them know so they can follow up with you.

The headphone out seems to work fine. The L/R 1/4" outs are very low volume. I have to max out the volume pot to get sound at a much lower output than the headphone jack.
I’ve contacted support.
Thanks for the reply

Although you may have already tried these, here are a couple of suggestions

  • try different patch cables making sure they’re guitar pedal patch cables (not speaker cables or TRS) and that they’re fully seated in the output ports
  • roll back to an earlier version of the firmware such as 2.0.4