Sound quality


I am wondering whether anyone can speak to the percieved sound quality of the loops saved by the Aeros? I am asking because some loopers change the sound such that you can hear a quality difference between the dry signal and the loop. I guess I’m asking whether the AD converter is “transparent”?

Very very high.

I previously used a boss rc30 looper and was perfectly happy.

It wasn’t until I owned an aeros that I noticed the boss is definitely a little like a slightly untuned radio.

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Sounds great to me. I don’t have the best ears or focus too much on this.

IMHO it’s the older or cheaper loopers where sound quality is an issue … aside from cork sniffing.

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Aeros is a 32 bits
Most of loopers are 24 bits
and that make a huge difference
I had a Pigtronix infinity v1 for 7 years, and the sound was “good” but not with drive.
I hear always another sound that the sound I played
Enough with the Pigtronix , I was searching for something better and 32 bits
And Aeros is born! And the sound is the same that you play, just a huge difference with Pigtronix still in 24 bits on the V2


I started with a JamMan stereo. It was ok but didn’t do what I needed. I went with the original Pigtronix Infinity. Sound quality was noticably better but limited to only two parts. Enter Aeros. WAY better audio quality! Enduring the firmware evolution but sound quality is very good.

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