Soundcraft Mixer

I am looking a a Soundcraft Signature Series 10 Mixer or an Allen & Heath ZED 10FX. There are some comments on the A&H but I have not seen any comments on the Soundcraft. I find that the Fishman Loud Box Mini and many others only have two inputs and many timers I want to jam with others so require more inputs. If you have a favourite mixer you would recommend please post it. Thanks

There are reviews of the Soundcraft mixer on I personally use the Mackie ProFX. I prefer it to many other available compact mixers because it has a volume control for the USB input.

Thanks for the reply. The Mackie you speak of, is there any other model no or just what you called it. Have you had any problems with it? Phil, how many mic inputs please or guitar etc?

I have the earlier ProFX unit. No problems at all.