Sounds don't match


I finally figured out how to use a Mac midi editor -Aria Maestosa and get a midi beat into a song via BB Mgr- then sync the SD card with a reader to finally create and use a new song. I’m still slow but able to get it to work. I’m plagued by one problem that I can’t figure out… Many of the sounds in a “Standard” kit in Aria are either not recognized by the BB or turned into a different sound.

Just not finding anything including no BB tutorials for importing drum set or syncing the drum sets.

Wish I didn’t have to deal with all these workarounds due to no Mac software but if someone would just help me figure out how to cross this last hurdle and get the sounds to match, I’d be very appreciative!


The trick is that your MIDI editor of choice uses its own MIDI drum map, and BeatBuddy uses its own.

Generally they should all comply General MIDI map (link to wikipedia here -, or picture from there for visibility:

First, due to a hard limit of 100Mb of WAV sample files per drum set, not all MIDI notes are covered by every BB drum set.
Second, actual WAV samples of BeatBuddy differ from the ones used in your MIDI editor of choice.
Third, Latin drum set of BeatBuddy is special - it doesn’t comply to General MIDI mapping at all.

These three points lead to what you are describing - a difference when playing MIDI files with your editor and BeatBuddy.

What should you do to avoid these problems? At least search the forum, as we have similar topics. This is more like a trial and error process. Learn what MIDI notes are supported, I’ve linked that picture many times already, but here it is for you again:

This was also discussed here -, so you may check that as well.


I have a similar issue with my midi editor (Mixcraft 7). Some of the midi names don’t actually match the sound it’s producing, but the midi ID numbers are correct. So as long I hear the right sound when I’ve created the midi file, the BB will play the correct sounds. Unless of course it doesn’t have the sound in the drum kit… in which case I have to add it as a new instrument using wav samples. But as long as I add the sound using the standard midi ID numbers, BB seems to pick it up properly.