Sources for MIDI drum loops, beats, and phrases

This topic is intended as a listing of web sites and third party software that provide users with MIDI drum loops, beats, and phrases - suitable for using in your Beat Buddy songs and playlists.

OddGrooves Drum Loops -

They even have a selection of free loops that you can use.

Site with searchable drum tabs for midi step editing.

Good for finding Signatures,BPM,Key,Styles in sample sheet music

I can recomend two sources for COUNTRY. Platinum Samples - Real Country MIDI Groove Library and GrooveMonkee - Country MIDI Drum Loops. I been using these for almost 2 months. I really like them.

A program I’ve used for a long time is EZdrummer and as well as add on GrooveMonkee patterns but it still required pecking through folders and genres to audition. Today I finally got around to upgrading to EZDrummer 2 which among other things has a very cool beat finder that I didn’t pick up on when it was announced. You can take even a rough basic midi clip from GtrPro for example, drop it in and it will tell you what EZX beats best match. You can also add the BB content libraries or others to EZDrummer and use/search the libraries but EZDrummer currently doesn’t beat match on 3rd party patterns so you can’t search the whole BB library for a best match from a given pattern, but it looks like it will before long.

In the interim, if you want to use with BB to see what BB loops match with their content, which is extensive, you can drop in the BB loop and it will give their matching beats, no more pecking through EZX genre libraries. Also, the beat finder has a cool tap in feature and a very nice audition browser. Well worth the investment if you are going to spend any time sifting through beat loops, and it can optionally search their online catalogs to see if any of their add-on’s fit.

The attached is a screen shot of the match on a BB Blues1 clip.


I’ve used this free site to locate and download full midi interpretations of many songs:
I then import the .mid files into Anvil Studio, isolate the drum track, change it specifically to a rhythm type track (found out through trial & error that it works best with the BBM), edit into loops and then import the loops into the BBM to construct songs. It makes it a bit easier than creating alot of the beats from scratch.