Southern Man - Neil Young - bass, piano w/jam loops (updated)

Based on Phil Flood’s STAX SAX Acoustic Piano kit we use on a few songs (bass 0-31 and piano 60-96). Inspired by Persist’s earlier effort I’ve added piano and pushed my evolving REAPER skills to create jam loops. Only requires hitting the pedal for a Transition in the correct place. There are no transition or other fills.

Includes notated cheat sheet (updated with more accurate chords) and .sng

Automatically starts solo/jam section Main 1 (loop) when Intro ends
When you’ve had enough hit “Transition” (on last Gm) to Main 2 – repeats beginning Intro Section as above starting with Dm Bb Gm [2x] to play verse and 2nd chorus.
*Hit “Transition” (on last Gm as before) to return to jam loop again (Main 1 - Dm Bb Gm)
Outro solo over jam loop – we plan to fade out (volume pedal) you can hit Stop/Pause on final Gm for a dramatic finish.

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