Spam emails!

Any way of blocking all these spam emails we’re getting on the forum every day? You know, the ones with subjects like ‘ding-dong, flippety flop, don’t you agree?’ - very annoying!

Unfortunately you can’t win the battle against spam, we try our best but they will always figure out a way and are persistent. We are very harsh on spammers - they are instantly banned! Some forums need all accounts approving - I don’t know if we could do that. You could set up filters in your email client in the based on certain words.

Our current forum spammer tactics is create new account, make up to one new topic with one post with some random shit.
And, yes, just like @Psalm40[/USER] said, we don’t want our anti-spam measures affect legitimate users like you, [USER=1997]@Klink. Seeing spam is pretty annoying (so as constantly wiping it, lol!), but when your own posting abilities is limited because of anti-spam measures - that’s over the top in my opinion.

If each and every post would need verifying from our (pretty small) moderator team, it would kill the spam. But wouldn’t it kill the live discussion as well?

Anyways, in future this could be re-evaluated if we discover some more effective ways to block illegitimate ads. And one more important thing to say - if you (like me) hate spam ads so much so you can help us wiping them regularly, please apply to our mods team at!

Thanks guys for your responses.

Mods do not approve this message yet. Thank you. Sent from test account. Once approved, we can delete this message. This is just to see how it would work. I’m going to post from my support account a post here, and see if this gets approved, and if it saves its own place. – BB Support

We have take notice of this serious spam issue. We (the BB team and forum moderators) are currently discussing what viable options we have available. We are working on this problem.

A new spam protection measure is on, and is currently being tested.

Please pay extra attention to all the new spam ads that you may still occasionally see on our forums!
In any case, please feel free to notify us either via Report button, PM (private message, or conversation as we here call it) or creating an entirely new thread with your issues!

Don’t hesitate making new posts or threads with your issues.
And thank you for staying alert and helping us keep these forums clean!