Span track across multiple parts (LOCK TRACKS) EDIT*

Sounds like an obvious request for 2x2 mode.

The goal is to be able to flag one of the 2 tracks to span across the 2 parts.

It becomes less obvious in 6x6 as ideally you may want some of the 6 tracks only to span across some of the parts (not necessarily all of them)… this is where it becomes tricky, as it becomes a kind of matrix (and maybe that’s the best way to represent it)…

I do not have a definitive idea on how to implement this in 6x6, even potentially with some trade-offs, but it seems pretty straightforward in 2x2.

Any idea to make this request valid for both modes ? In any case, it doesn’t prevent implementing it in 2x2 asap…


Hey there, this is something we’re hoping to implement soon, the feature would be called “Lock Tracks”, this would allow you to use the same track from part one in subsequent song parts. Stay tuned!


Awesome !!

Any idea about the implementation for 6 tracks ? As I said you may want to span but potentially not to all existing and not yet existing parts. Thus it requires something clever to avoid complexifying too much…

I have no doubt regarding the 2x2 though.

Nothing solid yet, but we’ll be looking into that very soon,


@BrennanSingularSound Is this request actually a duplicate of some other, or do you manage a separated private backlog ? Is there a way for you to share this backlog (at least not to request things already in the pipe or identified) even obviously in a read only form ?

Our backlog does change as we discover new issues and get new requests, so we don’t like to say too many things that we are planning because that may change. However, I can say that the next two things we will implement are the MIDI command responsiveness for the MIDI Maestro and the locked tracks feature.

Yup, I guess you working in a kind of agile mode, yet at some point there must be some committed features/bug fixes for the next sprint, and almost committed features/bug fixes for next sprints (meaning those could slide a bit regarding priorities but neither be dropped nor delayed too much…). Why not publish those somewhere, with all due confidence factors ?

I do not see why this act of transparency would not be understood by people on this forum and that would give visibility to your hungry users :wink:… And even if at some point something is dropped for good reason, then just explain the reason…

And for example, to come back to the case of this specific request, even if you don’t know how it will be exactly done, why not providing the options you foresee to get early feedback ? Maybe someone may come with a strong argument against, or interesting extra requirements to consider or even with a more elegant solution. I already read many posts here where comments in the requests proposed something way better than the initial request.

Will it be possible in a locked track to make different overdubs in different parts?
I mean for instance, part 1 I’m playing à percussion pattern and lock it down.
As it’d be locked down, in part 2, I’d like to overdub it with bassline A.
Back in part 1, I want to overdub a bassline 2.
Then in each part track 2 is free for mute/unmute.
That’d be awesome !

That sounds pretty cool, but I’m afraid it would become complex to, on top on specifying that some track is locked down, to specify when you add an overdub if it has to be locked down too, or not. And don’t forget you should then even have to consider already existing overdubs when you decide to lock a track down… Unless you see a nice and easy way to do this without triple-or-more clicks (don’t forget the 6x6 use case too…), I’m afraid it would be too complex.

The locking down mechanism has to be simple, and it would probably trigger far less switches clicks if anything present in a track (including all existing and future overdubs) is locked down too if the track is locked down. To summarize, I think regarding that feature, that a track and its overdubs has to be considered as a single entity, meaning that if you add an overdub to a locked down track it spans automatically to other parts.
Then if you need to do something specific to a part, it probably has to be on a separated track, maybe at the cost of having to switch to 6x6 in some cases.

What do you think ?

Nevertheless, it has been already mentioned by @DavidPackouz (and @BrennanSingularSound too in this thread) that the feature is already in the pipe, and maybe we are discussing about something they already designed and partly implemented…

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My idea’d be to simply lock the first recorded track. That could be set in parameters. Then no need to press any switch. At least in 2x2 mode.
My main concern is different overdubs in that locked track according to the part you’re in.
That could be a more advanced option in 6x6 indeed.

Indeed… I didn’t think about hardcoding the locked track. Too much focused, probably on a solution that would both match for 2x2 and 6x6. That’s actually a good idea.

For that part, I would stick to my previous proposal to have the overdubs attached to the locked track whatever the song part. If you need something different on top of the locked track, it’s another track… which is the definition of a track in the Aeros. And yes maybe it will force you to go for 6x6 mode if you don’t have enough tracks…

That’s a very good point. We’re discussing the best way to do this

As of right now, we don’t think that’ll be doable. We’ll get have to see about overdubs once the track is locked, but this would probably be a change that affects the locked track in each part, that’s why we have the 6x6 mode, to adjust for these more complex musical ideas.

The Aeros doesn’t do auto set lengths for playback you must engage the playback button, so this is probably not the way it will work once it rolls out but we can look into it, we have had many auto record/playback requests so far, so stay tuned on that.

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I don’t understand why you are talking about set lengths there, I don’t think he meant anything but directly defining the 1st track in the song properties as the one which should span across the song parts, whatever its length. But maybe I’m wrong. @yanarchy, maybe you could clarify your point.

*I also clarified mine with an edit

Better do this today than tomorrow :slight_smile:

There are other priorities right now, but lock tracks will be coming after MIDI implementation, which is next. We appreciate your patience, and we are working diligently to get this right!

+1 form my side

+1 from my side. Definitely a must!