Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades

Hi all,
well this is realy a special song and and I have no clue how to do the drums.
I can play and sing this song but I need the drum beats to get the real feeling.
Maybee someone can help me.

Greetings from Germany

Hi Det,

I found a midi source file after a bit of digging and going through a bunch of broken links. I’ll listen to it later today and see what I can work up.

Hi Det,

This is quite difficult to arrange effectively for drums. As you know, in the original song, drums do not enter until about 2 minutes in, and then it is just a very soft high hat. Then a full band with drums section starts. I chose to add a timekeeping bass drum and high hat to the beginning of the song. I have included my midi file and the source midi file in case you want to change anything. I arranged this for my STAX Yamaha Piano & Hi Strings kit, moving the soprano saxophone part to strings. I think if you listen to original midi, you can get an idea of how I was hoing to have the song played, with acoustic guitar against the basic drum beat. I hope you find it useful.

Hi Phil,

thank you so much! It was a very good idea to ad the bass drum and the high hat and also the intro tune! I am sure, that this will absolutley work for me.


Another great job by Phil