Spanish community: "rock español"


I was searching in the forum songs contents and all the songs seems to be english sounds.

I would like to play Spanish rock songs with my guitar. Are there more spanish users in the foro? We could colaborate in order to have some tipical rock spanish songs in our beatbuddy.

yo tambien llevo tiempo buscando canciones de rock in spanish

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Please post in English so that all users might be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you can post the song names you are looking for, it would make it easier for those that are willing to craft some songs for you. With the song titles, we can search the web for the MIDI source files.


HI daniel… at the momment we are the only spanish members, hehehee.

Do you play any spanish sound with the beatbuddy? I would like to prepare some tipical songs of spanish rock as loquillo…

I’m willing to bet that there are other users that like to rock Spanish songs as well and would be willing to help. If you’ll provide MIDI source files or the titles to the songs you’re looking for, I can work some of them up for you as one-press bass or drums one-press songs. I’ve already done so for several users requesting songs from south of the U.S.

But. You’ll never know unless you try. Please consider this as an open invitation.

Hi persist. thanks for your help!!

OK, I will try to think in a list of tipical rock spanish songs. You know, this type of songs that everybody sings in the parties.

it would be cool to have some of them in OPS or OPB format. It will be cool too to have another in “beat buddy parts mode”, because more or them have basic rythm, so probably will works fine with small modifications (or mixing midi patrons) in the defaults BB rock1, rock6, songs…

Hi, I have prepared a Small 10 list spanish rock. I think that are very popular, almost in Spain… So, should be interested for another spanish BB users.

I’ve found MIDI source files for these songs. I’ll try to work on them this week. No promises as to how good they are since it depends on the quality of the MIDI source files.

  • Vicio (Reincidentes):
  • Jesucristo Garcia (Extremoduro):
  • Cadillac Solitario (Loquillo)
  • No hay Tregua (Barricada)
  • En Blanco y Negro (Barricada)

UPDATE: I posted those 5 songs as a BBM folder; did not include Chords & Lyrics nor the MIDI source files. If you can come up with MIDI source files for the other songs, I’ll work them up as I find time.

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thanks! persist

I will try to test the songs this afternoon.

I am going to try to search the other songs in midi (I am not sure where can i Find it)

UPDATE: Guitar pro format would be good for this purpose?

Hello! I am also a spanish speaker user of the BB. I have found that most of the “rock en tu idioma” songs can be played with the standard beats that come with the Beatbuddy. Unless you want the beats to be exactly as the original song then you would be in trouble, but for the regular gig situation most of them work.

Hi mcanoreagan!

Yes… it is true… in some situations… but not allways. For example I was trying to play “la flaca” from “jarabe de palo”, with samba rythm and hand percusion or standard percussion… but it really does not works fine.

And the end I am going to try to search a midi file for this song. I had the same problem with “cadillac solitario” that there are similar standard beats in the BB (Rock 3 I think(… but does not works really good.

In any case, if there are spanish songs that works with the standard beats, it would be nice to have some list with spanisg songs similar than this:

Whell, At the end I have made my first song from a midi file.

I have uploaded it to the forum.


For “La Flaca” I use one of the beats that are in the Premium Library in the Drums w/Percussion package, and I tweaked it a little bit in the BB Manager and it works pretty well for me! But I am still going to try the one you uploaded.

I download your song (Flaca)!! keep in the road