Specification of drm file format

Is it possible to get a specification of the (binary) drm file format without reverse engineering it? I would like to generate the files directly from my own code. Something like a class definition in any programming language would be very helpful. Thanks!

I think I have been seeing this request a lot, and was wondering why it has not been properly published, especially since BBM has been released as Open Source software now.

I was playing a bit with the beast and now I know why this hasn’t been published… The DRM file format is the ugliest format you could imagine using Qt serialization to store objects… :man_facepalming: , which is just a programming non-sense, banned from good practices a long time ago…

As a result, don’t expect to have anything else but Qt classes to be able to read this file format, forget about writing Java, Python, Ruby or whatever software written in another language to read it (unless re-implementing Qt serialization rules in this other language).

The only ways to get out of this would be to either change the DRM file format itself in BBM (does actually BB read this kind of file ??) or write some code in Qt that would read the file and export it into a more language/framework agnostic format… if your goal is just to use the content elsewhere.

You may find a lot of information in this file or its neighbors.

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