Speedway At Nazareth

Speedway at Nazareth written by Mark Knopfler is recorded here by Quartus - all guitars and vocals, with Mia on violin. Drums done with BeatBuddy pedal.

Nicely done. The violin makes this song sound so full and almost mournful.

Thanks Persist. Yes, the violinist and the violin are both very special to me. It is my one daughter playing on an instrument with quite a superb sound. I bought this instrument in poor shape more than twenty years ago and had it restored. The origins of this violin is unknown but likely German looking at the shape. Inside it shows a date of 1905 written in pencil and the luthier working on it stated that this date was written when someone worked on the instrument not when it was built so the instrument is likely to be significantly older. My daughter Mia is a professional violinist and still uses this as her main instrument when recording. My younger daughter plays cello and features on a number of songs posted on my Sound cloud site https://soundcloud.com/quartus-2 (Dream a Little Dream, And I love Her, etc.). - What a privilege!!:slight_smile:

Your pride is evident in your very talented family. Wow.