Splash at the and of a drum fill

I created some songs, but i’m not able to play a final splash at the end of my drum fill…
how could I make it ?

Hi Dani,

If the splash is in another fill, it is possible to copy that fill to the required song using Beatbuddy Manager.

If you’re considering to add the splash to one of the fills, it’s not difficult but it takes some learning, I recently started to watch You Tube videos and recommended searching for ‘beatbuddy drummer editor’ - the videos and the answers are all on this forum but it was easier (for me) to use You Tube. They are all very good but the one by Beatbuddy Worship I found ideal.

Another simple way, if you have the additional footswitch is to hit the button to play the crash symbol at the end of the fill - manual I know, but help me develop my co-ordination :wink:


thanks a lot

I don’t know if this is relevant, but i had the same problem when cutting midi files up for parts, I found that the crash was always missing in a fill, so I just shifted it a small amount before the last beat of the fill, (hope I make sense)