Splash screen and parsing

Hi, when my BeatBuddy load it always gives the screen saying the manager is empty (asking me to start a project) and then takes awhile to parse. I have a project and I think my file system may be messed up. Any help?

Are you talking about the software or the pedal? From your description, it sounds like software (the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or BeatBuddy Manager Online (BBMO)). If it’s the software, give the BBMO a try and see if loads more quickly.

What version of the computer operating system are you using?

It could also be due to the BBM or BBMO loading your project from your SD card on your computer or with your SD card in your pedal connected to your computer via USB. Strongly recommend that you store and manage your project on your computer instead of on the SD card. You should find the project load times to be much faster.

If it’s the pedal, perhaps using an SDHC 32Gb class 10 card would be quicker loading than the class 4 card that ships with the pedal.

Thanks, I will try those solutions.

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