Split Aeros Audio Outputs?

I figure this is a long shot, but I’ll give it a go.

Wondering if there’s anyway to split the audio outputs of the two loops in 2 x 2 mode. I have a bass line looped in one of the loops, and I’d like to send it to a dedicated bass amp.

Also play keyboards, and would like to be able to send the keyboard output and loops through the other audio output to a different amp. Each would be in mono, of course, which is okay with me.


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Hey there, you cannot route a track to a specific output, but if you record and playback in stereo on the Aeros, the audio LR will be split, allowing you to send all input from the R only to the R and all L only to the L, this way you could split the instruments you are asking about but only in mono for each device.


Hello Brennann,
It would be awesome to be able to also have a third independant route for the looped Audio via the Aux output. Is this maybe on the table ?

I would love to pan the output to send one to my Bass cab and the other to my GTR cab…

Hey there,

This is probably not going to be available as a feature on the aeros, unfortunately, it was not built to handle this. Something to consider for the future, whatever that may bring.

Thanks for the request!

Are you sure you can’t use the Aeros in stereo to split the audio to both amps like I describe above?

If you only have two signals it is possible to use them independently by separating signals in L and R channels

Read this over again to be sure, let me know if you have questions:

Can you run aeros into dual mono instead of hard panned L&R? as long as I can run bass track loop out to bass amp and guitar rythem loop out to guitar amp everything else can run out to left right out to outboard mixer out to FOH.is my goal if possible sorry for jumping in didn’t want to post same topic.