Spontaneous reset

I had two spontaneous reset during these days when I’m at home (flu) and while I’m pleasantly testing my BB.

That’s would not be good during a gig.

Mmh, SD Card?

Such serious issues should be thoroughly investigated.
Were you doing something special when you encountered these resets? May be some similar actions leading to them on both occasions?

By the way, believe it or not, but most of the time very unrelated issues are due to the faulty SD cards. There were several case when users got their BeatBuddy totally replaced with a new 100% working one, they used their old SD cards, and BAM - original defect reproduced… After the SD card was replaced, everything went fine.

So, you may indeed try using another SD card for a while and report back if that helped!

Oh, and if you notice some patterns on how to reproduce such problems, it would be very helpful!

Sorry I can’t add any relevant information, BB was doing its standard job, playing.
I wasn’t pressing any pedal or tweaking anything, nor any fill exchange or anything, it happened just in the middle of a pattern.
Screen went black and then came back as if somebody was plugging out and then in, the power cord.

Be reassured I’ll tell you anything I’d be able to notice.

And, yes, I’ll buy a new SD before my first gig. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a faulty power supply - does this happen when you move or wiggle the cable around a bit?

Hi Klink, I just tried to bend and move all the parts of the cable but it looks ok.

@Nicola – When you get your new SD card, load the backup files on it as well as the new firmware. Check to see that it works as it should. It is very possible that it is a defective SD card, but this is not always the case (although the majority of the time it is). I would suggest you do this before bringing it with you to a live gig. If it does not function as it should after you replaced the SD card, then please email support@mybeatbuddy.com (and link this forum discussion)

Just for the sake of knowledge:

My BB firmware version is already 1.2.9. Why should I load the firmware on the new SD?

Just to make sure :slight_smile:

Sorry, after having been at home one week (flu) and being sunday morning, I’m a little slow. :smiley:
“just to make sure” that I have the last version or
“just to make sure” that (just in case it didn’t happen before) the firmware is correctly copied from SD to BB flash-rom? (I assume BB has one) or …


You say you already have the latest firmware version, so it’s a fact now.
Your BeatBuddy turns on and works just fine, so the firmware was already correctly copied from SD to internal flash.

Yet, just in case copy the firmware files. It’s easier to do than to think about why should you do this (or should you?).

On an unrelated note, have you ever though about how people walk? Which muscles should be strained or relaxed and when, etc. It is really down to reflexes, and people walk without even thinking about it. But if people start thinking about it, they’re probably not even be able to make a single step!

Just to make sure everything is okay, copy the firmware files to your new SD card :slight_smile:

How is it powered… factory power adapter, one-spot, voodoo, any splitter cables?

Factory power adapter.

Is the adapter plugged into a wall outlet or a powerstrip?

Just had the same thing happen to me, for the first time …while practicing thank god…and not a gig. Freakin weird! Just shut off and on and reset itself…wth?

This is not normal.

Is this with your new SD card?

yes. I created a new card as a back up, and to put new set lists on. Just in case anything weird would happen, and to have a back up. Put the new card in the beat buddy…all good for a long time, and practicing one night…BAM. reset. strange.