Staccato looping

Forgive me if this is easy or already covered (New to looping and Aeros). Is there a way to Staccato a loop using a midi controller?

“Staccato a loop Staccato a Staccato a Staccato a loop”

I’m not trying to beatbox it (Sta Sta Sta), but that would be cool too. I want to repeat half a bar and then the full bar. I could pre-record, but more fun to be able to do it on the fly.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, this is currently possible if you have Start and stop set to Immediate and start and stop the looper using MIDI, would this solve your issue?

Here is the full MIDI commands list for our products!

Let me know if this is helpful :slight_smile:

Wow, that is a fast reply Brennan. Thanks! I’ll give it a try. Seeing if I can do Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas/Sarajevo with one acoustic guitar (Should only take me 2-3 years practice and another year to get the looping foot dance down). I’ll use the BB waiting under the tree for the percussion.

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Interesting! Hope it all works out!

You should know, if you tell the BB to pause and unpause it will have a similar effect on the Aeros since BB sends Start and Stop via MIDI. You can make this happen on the BB by using an external footswitch or MIDI controller if you have one!

Happy holidays :slight_smile: