Stairway To Heaven OPBk(flute) 2018-04-10 - Led Zeppelin


  • hard to find a good MIDI source file for this song as most versions offered too much "aural white space"; opted for a version with a more robust keyboard track that helps to fill in that space a little
  • challenging in that the flutes required a lot of tinkering (as well as the keys)
  • has a modest tempo change to accelerando
  • an easy and hard versions of the cheat sheets included
  • v4 NP Flute and Piano
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware > v2.0.4
Includes: 1 song, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics (x2)

Download Here


I have downloaded the song, along with the latest version of the “Flute with Piano” drum kit from here as well. I have the latest BB OS and Editor. The song plays in the Editor and but not on the BB pedal itself. Any suggestions?

Some things to double-check:
If the song plays on the BBM, it should also play on the pedal
Is the song visible on the pedal?
Is the Flute with Piano drum set displayed for the song on the pedal?
Are you using left and right outputs from the pedal? If not try using headphones through the 1/8" jack

Hi persist, thanks for the response. Yes, the song, Stairway to Heaven, is visible on the pedal, Flute with Piano is the drum set displayed for the song, and I am using the same 1/8’’ stereo plug into my studio monitors to listen to the BeatBuddy that I use from my laptop that does play using the BeatBuddy Manager. No problem hearing all the other songs play on the BeatBuddy or Manager. All software, pedal and manager, is the latest version unless that changed in the last couple of days.

Very odd. Any other thoughts?

You’re right, it is odd. Not sure what else could be causing this. You might try reverting the drum set on the pedal to the one the song was transcribed with to see if there is any sound.

EDIT: I am really at a loss to explain what could be happening. A couple more things to try:

  1. Download the drum set again; delete the existing Flute with Piano from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM); import the just downloaded drum set and export or sync to the card.
  2. Delete Stairway from Heaven from the BBM; download the song again and import. Save project and export or sync to the SD card.
  3. On the pedal (not the BBM), change the drum set to any kit that has piano and see if the piano sounds the flute part.
  4. Since you are using the headphone output, try changing the volume using the volume wheel on the pedal.
  5. If you still can’t get it to sound on the pedal, please send me a private message and we’ll try some more involving trouble shooting steps.

Thank you for the detailed instructions, Persist.

Now Stairway to Heaven is working as intended by the producer of the .sng file using the Flute with Piano drum kit. I have no idea what went wrong

(We still have to see if we can actually pull it off as a duo…)

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