Stand-alone amp / speaker for BB

Please recommend a decent stand-alone amp for BeatBuddy. Assume the PA system can not be used at a mid-size venue. Online posts typically mention keyboard amps, drum amps, acoustic amps and portable PA systems. Ideally, someone has critically compared these options. A 15" speaker seems to be favoured for a convincing bass drum. What stand-alone amp sounds most like an actual drummer with BB? Thanks

You should be looking for a full-range amplifier. Any drum or k/b amp with a 12" speaker should sound good with the BeatBuddy (BB). Some thoughts:

Simmons DA 200S
Roland KC-350 (don’t go for the KC-300)
Roland KC-550 (at 95 lbs.), not for a weak back
Behringer Ultratone 900FX

The Roland KC-350 is a good choice.

Other users will definitely have other helpful suggestions e.g., JBL, Bose, etc.


I’ve used my old Roland PM-10 amp that I have paired with my old Roland V Drum Kit, and that seems to work well. I also have my BB hooked up to a pair of KRC monitor speakers though (through a MOTU interface), and those sound better. :slight_smile:

I use the ultratone kxd12 which I like because it has a built-in 4 channel mixer and mic input. So, it sounds good on drums, but also sounds great when running my fully digitally modeled guitar through it (using HX Stomp).

I run my bass through the beat Buddy to a Fender Rumble bass amp. It works really well.

Good Morning, Docwill!

Can you tell us what the rest of your rig looks like?

For example:

Pete (me):
Vox => VL3 => Zoom L8 => QSC K8’s and K-sub
Acoustic guitar => VL3 => Zoom…
Vox => VL3 => Zoom…
Acoustic bass => Boss GT-1B => Zoom…
2 BB’s:
Straight into Zoom…

So we don’t use amps anymore: We’re getting much greater flexibility, performability, and MUCH better mixes by using emulation.

If you’re going to use the BB in front of a paying audience we’d HIGHLY recommend you get a backup: We’ve been through a half-dozen of them since adding them to the rig 4-ish years ago.
For reference none of the other equipment has had to be repaired or replaced since long before that. (Except for the mixer, used to use Mackie’s but we’re REALLY fragile and unreliable.)
Don’t forget to keep the backup up-to-spec!

For solo acoustic gigs I’ve done everything from plugging directly into a single QSC K8, to a VL3 and a BB, to a half-rig of our full rock show rig.

The upshot is the speaker answer will depend on the rest of the rig…

(We keep saying we’re going to do a rig rundown video but haven’t done one yet…)

Feel free to call, we’re on Philly USA time.

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Hi Doc - I went back and forth some time ago with JoeinOttawa (if not always in agreement it was always agreeable and he has a wealth of knowledge backed by experience) about how to ‘beef up’ the presence of BB in our trio live performances. I tried subwoofers of various brands and for awhile used a Rumble bass amp and realized what I needed was low mid not sub. Joe told me about Seismic Audio (I initially tried some of their subwoofers - easy to deal with, .i.e., return).

I settled on and use an inexpensive (~$250 now when in stock) powered PWS-12" - 500W fan cooled being sent an AUX signal of primarily bass and BB as a ‘fill’. While we lose the stereo here we use 10" EV tops being fed vocals and BB in stereo and higher signal content rolled off below 100 Hz.

We use this amp by itself at rehearsals and in really small rooms (e.g., acoustic duo work without an amp - everything goes direct to the mixer). Very little useful signal exists in the mud region below 100 Hz but I now get a satisfying low mid.

I use a Simmons DA200. Nice full range amp, good power, and stereo. For larger rooms it can be directly connected to your PA tops for an extra boost.

How about a Headrush FRFR 108/112

Roland KC-80.

I use my Beat Buddy every week at a typical mid-sized venue through the PA with a full band of four and it sounds great and very believable. Of course having a subwoofer helps considerably, but with today’s speakers and technology it’s a very effective drummer replacement.

If you still just want something separate I’d highly suggest a powered speaker like what’s being used in most regular sized club bands. Something like a Yamaha DXR12 or a QSC K12.2 (both of which I’ve used). In fact, my home system I use for practicing uses a Yamaha DXR12 with no sub and it’s sounds great without a sub.

A Bose S1 for portability or a bass amp combo like a Mark Bass…light and dynamic range of bass amps is fantastic. I have both a Mark and a Bergantino B/AMP. Both work great.


Using the Bose S1 pro

When I was trialing ways to add bottom I tried a number of subwoofers (I originally used the EV since we have EV ZXA1 10" tops) and realized there is no signal down there which is why we roll off from 100 Hz down to avoid mud. Although the open E bass string is 40 Hz everything else (where the punch is) sits above 100-120 Hz.

Hence going with the powered (and inexpensive) fill speaker (12" is fine - Seismic Audio had them for $250) fed from Aux outs for the BB and bass with tops rolled off. Again YMMV if you are a DJ or focused on EDM etc.

The audience needs clear vocals and some bottom so not overworking a small cone that delivers clear high end is necessary.

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