Stand By Me (G)

Would somebody please look at this drum beat and tell me how to fix this. I hit paly and it looks like its playing, but its not until I hit stop that I actually het any sound then I cant stop it.

I explained this to YOU on Tuesday. Please read threads where you post something!

I did read it, and thank you for the explanation of what it was doing and why. But, it did not tell me how to fix, but Persist informed me that I could move that part and how to fix it.
Thank you assistance, I am still working on taming this beast!

I know it’s struggle some time. I saw Persist had already posted the cure. I wanted you to understand why, as well. We try to make this thing do things it was never meant to do, and that means we have to learn how to work around its limitations, and not have expectations that it will act the way we want it to, or expect it to.

Thanks Phil, I am reading the forums now trying to figure out how to MOVE the drum part from the outro to the into, so I can fix this myself. I have been reading a lot of your posts and they are very informative. Once I get this figured out I am going to try the midi think like you spoke of to make my own drum beats for some of the songs I want to do. Where do you find your midi files at?

Usually I just Google the song name and the word “midi.” A number of sites will usually come up. Midiworld is pretty good. VanBasco comes up often, although its an old not well maintained site and links get broken. For purchased stuff, I like Australian site, Bandtrax, which prices in Australian dollars and very good sales. I also use Geerdes, which is German, priced in Euros, and quite a bit more expensive. But, they sometimes have titles that are obscure.

Phil, Song Galaxy is also another good one…