Standard 1.1 and Percussion 1.1

Hi Folks, i bought the Gig basic beats and the Hand Percussion beats. They require Standad 1.1 respectively Percussion 1.1 Drum set. Where can i find them. Thanks a lot for your help.

They should have come with your BeatBuddy if you bought it within the last year however, you can download the Default BeatBuddy Content Update from here:

Thank you. I bought a used one, so i did not know this

Welcome and I hope you got a great deal on your pedal. You might also want to make sure you have the latest firmware installed, read the user guide and installed and are using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Got my BB a few weeks ago and updated the firmware in it. I figured that the content would be relatively current so I didn’t dig deeper to find that there were updated drums and songs from two years ago! I was about to download the new files but I’m concerned about the fact that I’d have to edit over 200 songs to point to the new kits because the version number is in their name. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do this so I plan on renaming my updated drumkits so that the song pointers will be ok. I can foresee a lot of maintenance work keeping my songs and drumkits in sync if the version name breaks the connections. Other software generally does not include version numbering in their updates, or if they do, there’s an automated linking process to effect the change throughout the system.

You can have both the original and the 1.1 versions on the B.B. all that the 1.1 did was add tambourine, cowbell, and handclaps, IIRC. If a song worked with the 1.0 version, you can just leave it with that kit. You gain no benefit by changing the default kit from a 1.0 song to 1.1.

Sorry for my newbie ignorance but how can I tell if my drumsets are v1.0 or v1.1? I just got my BB this past month.
I dont see it on the BBM where the version # of the included drum sets are.
Any screenshots?


They will show up at 1.1 in your drum kit list, if you have the newer ones. If not, you can download the kits from the link in message 2 above.

Ok thanks but the v1.1 only applies to the PAID kits not the free ones already in the BB pedal/SDcard? or are there some standard kits that have versions on them as well?

No. See the default drumsets download at this link:

And look at the segment from my in post #8 above. Jazz and Metal are NOT paid kits. Really, I do know what the hell I am explaining.

And, it does apply to the paid kits, too, as you noted, but those are on the regular Singular downloads page.

OK Phil thanks sorry for any confusion. I downloaded the Std drum kits and will update/replace the stock ones that I had on my BB. Much appreciated. Sorry us newbies are dense but its all new to us.

I’m just old and cranky sometimes.

Welcome to the club…just ask my wife :slight_smile:

Sadly I just spend an hour importing all the v1.1 drum kits and then updating all the included BB drums on the standard built in “songs” and then I accidentally tried to import a midi file into one of my songs and BB crashed and closed and lost ALL my progress as I hadn’t “Saved Project” with all the updates!!! ARGGG Wish it had the option to auto save every xxx mins like you can do in Word/Excel