Standard 1.1 Drum Set Editing Problem


Does anyone else also have the problem described below?

In order to edit an existing drum set, the original version needs to be copied to the user library (in the BB Workspace) wfor the copy to be edited. BB Manager makes this quite clear as it is part of the process which starts with double-clicking on a Drum Set, that initiates the window message as shown:

The image shows that copies have been created for all the Drum Sets I have on my laptop PC (MS Win 10 Explorer view on right) except for the Drum Set: “Standard 1.1”. In the image, I am attempting to produce a copy of Standard 1.1 for editing via the BB Manager Drumset Maker feature. Well, that’s as far as I get…A copy of Standard 1.1 is not created in the User Library and the wave files are not generated for editing.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks to all!


Hi, Gareth. In the BBM, when you double-click on a drum set and click Yes, your drum set will open in the Drumsets Editor as in this screen shot of my Standard 1.1 kit.
You can then edit, save, and etc. Are you saying you don’t get this view when you click Yes? If not, this may be a problem.
Standard 1.1 may not open where you expect it e.g., on my system, the WAVE Sources and kit are available in my project folder as per screen shots.
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