Standard Drum Set with Warm Precision Bass Sound

This is my first foray into creating a drum set, as well as my first creating samples of any kind. This drum set is based off the standard drum kit, with added snare on 40 and kick on 35 to accommodate any MIDI files that might use them. I added bass samples using a Precision bass with flatwounds going into an Ampeg simulation to get a warmer, vintage sound. Since I usually tune down when I sing, the lowest note is E flat (63) and it goes up to G (91).

Like I said, this is my first time doing this, so any feedback is appreciated. Hope you find this drum set useful.

Hey Jive, nice job on the Kit! I used your bass to my brushes kit and it sounds great. I like it better than my Fingerstyle kit. Keep up the good work and keep the kits coming.

Nicely done, jivejong. When you get a moment, would you mind uploading to the Resources/Drum Kits section of this forum? Thanks!

I just added the kit to resources. I made some tweaks to the kit.

  • I added percussion sounds and mapped them to general MIDI.
  • Bass samples are now 87-115 to accomodate the percussion sounds.

These two changes were to make it easier for me to port MIDI songs that I have created or downloaded. If you want to use the other ‘with bass’ kits, you’ll need to either remap the drum samples in this kit or transpose the MIDI -24.

I recognize you from talkbass. You’re going to put us bass players out of business if you keep submitting nice quality bass kits!

thanks for this …it’s a lot easier to edit midi’s today! :wink:

I don’t have bass line, only drums!?

change the drums in beatbuddy manager
if you had a (*) next to it you dont have the drums installed
see resourses tab

(*Standard Kit Pro)

I’ve updated this drum kit slightly by changing around some of the percussion samples around to better fit their GM counterparts. Uploading the changes now, should be reader after 4PM EST today.

Looking forward to it.

I don’t know, or don’t understand, I’ve tried, but still do not have a bass sound, or have, but not in the right tone or tune!?
In StandardPBass i have drums and/with drum and percussion instead Bass, and others ( Rock2, Rock3+bass, SuperBassG, NP Brushes Bass, NP SuperBassG ) detuned or distorted sound. What should i do?
I’ll be very grateful if somewhere in the forum is already an answer to this problem, please forward.

To use the this kit you’ll need to transpose the bass lines of the MIDI that you are using. If you are using a song made for one of the other ‘with bass’ kits you will need to transpose the bass part in a MIDI editor up 24 semitones. That is because the MIDI notes I assigned the bass lines to are different than other kits. The bass notes on this kit are assigned that way so that it doesn’t interfere with notes typically assigned for drums or percussion in general MIDI files (35-81). The other ‘with bass kits’ have bass notes in that range, which causes issues when importing MIDI files that use the GM drum map. That’s the main reason why I start the bass notes on this kit at 87. It makes it easier to import MIDI. When importing MIDI, such as a song downloaded from the Internet, you’ll need to transpose the bass line up 60 semitones to work with this kit.

Would like to help you but not sure that you’ve provided enough information yet. From previous posts, it appears that you are using BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) 1.6.5 and are on a Windows computer. Can you provide a little more information?

  • is the poor sound happening with just the BBM, the pedal or both?
  • which version of the firmware do you have on your pedal?
  • is the song you are trying to play a one-press with bass?
  • what song are you trying to play and which drum set are you trying to use?
  • can you provide 2 screen shots similar to what’s attached that shows the song and the drum set? the other screen shot is for your drum sets

Thanks a lot! I’m still new at this, so I did not know, but I understand what it is and I will learn and try out.:slight_smile:

I did it! :slight_smile: I have studied, tested and everything works. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Nice to hear, zleee!

Awesome job. The bass sounds great. I had to lower all the bass notes to -6 though. I changed all my songs to this set when using bass lines. Most natural sound yet!

please help i dont know how to put bass , i downloaded the standardbass and i dont hear bass.but i alreadey checked the file and it have bass lines…i already read the note but i dont understand it…plzzz

You have to enable the drum set in order to be heard in the BBM; go to the Drum Sets tab and click the box for the drum set you want enabled; if there is no check box, double-click the drum set and it will copy the set to the workspace; once it’s complete, it should have a check box; select it, and save when prompted.

i already import the kit, and when i play it no bass playing only the drums. or i need to plug my guitar so the bass will play??