Standard pro bass and Vintage Ludwig bass

I have bought both of these kits from the premium library and use them quite a bit. I did read a post that someone(maybe Phil) has them with bass. Id really like to be hooked up with these.

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I’ve also purchased both and use Vintage more than anything else- I’ve seen Phil Flood respond to A LOT of these messages- if you’ve got time to get me linked up with the Standard w/ bass kit or vintage w/ bass it would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Phil,
I’m new in the forum. Excuse my poor english.
I have bought the Ludwig Vintage kit from the premium library .
Now I’m serching for the Kit with bass. When I red the forum-posts about it and it seems to me, that you always had a solution???
Can you please help me?
Greetings from Germany

According to one of Phil Flood’s posts here to the forum, he asks that users send him a private message when requesting either the Standard Pro or Ludwig kits with bass.


I purchased both the Ludwig Vintage and the Pro Kit. How do I get these kits with bass?

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Hi Phil. I would like to get the Ludwig and standard drum kits with bass. I have purchased the Complete Collection 2020 and have receipts to show that.

Thanks for all you do in putting these things together! Paul



Folks - Going forward, I won’t respond to requests for kits that are not sent as a conversation/private message. This is not me being a dick. This is for your protection and my ease of response. If you send a request on the open Forum, you may be posting account information that you do not want to share with the world. That’s one thing, and it’s a big deal these days.

But, the thing is, then I need to remember to not send the reply to the open Forum, because that would have me sending unauthorized copies of Singular’s intellectual property out into the world, and that is also a big deal.

When I get a a request like this, I need to open one or more Dropbox links, copy the link and post it in a reply. If If have to jump back and forth between an open Forum request, my Dropbox, Singular’s Dropbox, and a Conversation window reply, there are too many places to make an error. So, please, make the requests via a Conversation. The Conversation stays in an easy to find place for me, so that I can make the reply. If the request is on the Open Forum, I may see it at night when I am checking posts, and totally forget about it in the morning. If it’s in my Conversation area, I will see it, and remember I have not replied.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I understand this topic is old, but I just read it, I did send Phil a PM a few days ago requesting the same thing, sorry about that.

I am new to the forum, Im not sure how to proceed going forward, do I need to start my own forum post?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I dont recall a PM. Ill try ti remember to send it to you later today.

Hi Phil,

Sorry I just realized I sent it to the wrong Phil.

I just sent it to you again now.

Thanks again,