Standard_Pro vs Standard 1.1 drumset differences?

I just updated firmware (1.8.5) and BB Manager is - this is really 2 questions. The first one - what is the difference between these two now and…when I synchronized a sequence of error messages displayed telling me I did not have any of 4 ‘effects’ files. Is that because I did not add the percussion package to Standard_Pro? The IDs on these files are not recognizable (like looking at songs, etc on the root directory).

The link that answers your 1st question:

Sorry…poor sentence structure on my part Chip. My question was referring to my title. What is the difference between Standard_Pro and the recent Standard 1.1? Then what are the ‘effects’ that are missing and why when I synchronize Otherwise the updates and my Mac are happy

My bad, Michael. Probably read your post in too much of a hurry. Can’t help you with the effects questions, however, in addition to what you see in the attached screen shot, Standard 1.1 includes, cowbell, shaker and tambourine.
Standard Pro includes everything in Standard 1.1 plus
[]Agogo Bells
[]China cymbal
]Hand clap
[*]Electronic snare drum

I just updated my drumsets, but I don’t hear any tambourine or cowbell etc. on any of the new drumsets. Any ideas!!

You’ll only hear them if the song you’re trying to play was programmed with the tambourine or cowbell.