Re-post to this Forum. JiveJong’s kit.

There are several older songs on the Forum that use this kit, and the kit is a unique configuration, such that there are no substitutes for it. Bass is mapped at 87 through 115. Drums are mapped from 33 through 81, and essentially follow General Midi/BB standards:

33 - Metronome
35 - Kick alt
36 - Kick
37 Cross Sticks
38 - Snare
39 - Handclaps
40 - Snare Alt
42 - Hi-Hats Closed
43 - Tom 4
44 - Foot Hi-Hat
45 - Tom 3
46 - Hi-Hat Open
48 - Tom 2
49 - Crash 1
50 - Tom 1
51 - Ride
52 - China
53 - Ride Bell
54 - Tambourine
55 - Splash 1
56 - Cowbell
57 - Crash 2
59 - Splash 2
60 - Hi Bongo
61 - Low Bongo
63 - Open High Conga
64 - Low Conga
65 - Timbale High
66 - Timbale Low
67 - Hi Agogo
68 - Lo Agogo
69 - Cabasa
70 - Shaker
73 - Short Guiro
74 - Long Guiro
75 - Clave
76 - Jam Block
77 - Low Block
81 - Bell

That’s a nicely complete kit, but then we have P-Bass from Eb1 up through G3, mapped at 87 through 115. As far as I know, this is the only kit on the Forum that ever used that mapping. But, the P-Bass was such a nice, pure sound, it was worthy of using, even though you had to map the song to use the unique structure of the kit.

The kit will work for songs that require StandardPBass or StandardPBass(1).


GREAT!!! Τhanks …so pure sounds like real!

This is awesome and I love the bass. I gather you can’t access the bass waves in this kit to add them to another kit?

Yes, you can access the wavs. After you install the kit in BB Manager, double click the kit name in the kit list to open it up. Then, seach your harddrive for StandardPBass. You should find a folder where BB Manager put the wav files. Then, you can just copy the wav files and put them in a better location. Don’t move the ones you find, or BBM won’t be able to play the kit.

Yeah I thought they would be in my user_lib/waves folder but they’re not there, though the kit all loaded up fine? All my others are in this folder. I’ve gone through everything in my workspace folder and can’t see it?

It’s ok. I found them. They ended up inside another kit folder. Sorry!

That’s not your fault. That’s BBM’s fault. And its one of my chief complaints with BBM - Nested folders. Hopefully this gets fixed with the Open Source project.

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Amongst other things with it.

But there is no way to extract the waves from ‘official’ drumsets is there?

Yes, same way.

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Yep. Wow, it is hidden in so many layers of folders! What on earth is it doing? Would of thought this software would be a priority for SingularSound. Hopefully some people can bring it up to speed now.

Thanks for your help Phil!