Start and stop Question

Thread below “ Boomerang III question should be start and stop question. So here goes. Sorry.
I’m using the Boomerang with the beat buddy and I would like to start the beats without fills and no side stick count ins. Just push down and beat buddy starts. No problem getting it to do this. Problem is with the endings. I like to end tunes by hitting both external foot switch’s atthe same time and pause and crash happens beatbuddy stops. Again, no issue. The problem starts when I push down on the beat buddy main pedal after that to clear it back to the beginning so I can advance to the next song it starts again. Now if I set up the main pedal to startwhen I release it everything works the way I want it too. After pushing down the two pedals together everything stops and I get nice cymbal crash. Hold down the main pedal ,which is in pause mode, and it goes back to the beginning without making a sound and I can advance tonext tune. Problem for me is I’d rather push down on the 1st beat than releases on first beat. Hope this is clear. Anyone else have this issue?