Start and stop the synchronization delayed

with the link below you can see very well what I mean. When starting the Beatbuddy, the synchronization is not started immediately (flashing light of Ditto looper). The same is after the outro. The synchronization continues for a while.
Working with the looper is impossible. Is this the update to the last version of the firmware?
What could that be?

Am I the only one who has this problem?

You will usually get a reply after work hours from U.S. users so just hang in there. If I can get to my pedal and test the sync latency with the Infinity looper.

Which version of the BeatBuddy f/w are you using?

BB Firmware Version 3.6.0

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I am using a Ditto X4 and it works fairly well. Take a look at this and see if ti is helpful:

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I tried it with the penultimate firmware version but there it is the same problem

I have Ditto X4 and the same thing happens with the lights but the X4 and Beatbuddy sync well. When you record a loop on X4 and press stop on Beatbuddy the Outro goes then both the BB and Ditto loop stop at the end. The Stop light flashes several more times - don’t know why. When you then Start the BB the Ditto loop starts as well and a beat or so later the Stop light on the X4 starts flashing in time with the Midi clock beat.

I have to record this topic again. I’ve already described above that the synchronization flicker of the looper starts later. Further experiments have shown that the Looper does not always flash synchronously with the Beatbuddy. Since I always start the looper via MIDI at the same time, the result of the recording is always different. Since I have two Beatbuddy I assume that the hardware of the 2 devices is ok. The behavior was the same on both Beatbuddys. What I can not understand is the non-synchronous flashing. In this state, I can not rely on the synchronization which is why I think of the looper no longer use in the future. Before that, however, I would like to test if the looper might have a defect. Is there a cheap hardware with which one can represent the synchronization signal of the Beatbuddy, for example by flashing or by an acoustic signal?

I configured my Beatbuddy to record and play loops during a song. So the looper is only synchronized when the main part is played. If Beatbuddy is stopped then sync ends too.
I start and finish the loops very well with Midi which works well and still it happens that the synchronization is not always correct. The configuration Looper-Beatbuddy you have set would be unthinkable for me. Sometimes it is very clear to see the blinker of the looper that the synchronization is not right. Beatbuddy is just on 1 of the bar and the looper only blinks later.

Maybe a software developer can comment on this, because in view of the fact that a new looper from Singuar Sound is going to be sold it would have to be of high interest that everything works?


To rule out that my Looper is broken, I’ve got me a second looper and connected to midi. As you can see on the videos both blink looper synchronously which means that I can exclude them as a source of error. I’ve made several videos so you can see how different the synchronizations are with the same song. Sometimes it looks like the song is in sync but if you slow down the tempo the difference is easy to see. The same behavior is synonymous if I connect another Beatbuddy.

By all my attempts have the impression that internally always runs along a clock and this is simply hung in when i hit the pedal and not in sync with the pressing on the pedal restarts. Otherwise, I can not explain this behavior.

If I configure with “Midi out” so that the synchronization begins only with the “main beat” it lasts approximately half a beat before correctly synchronized.
I would really like to know what the developers say or is not developed on Beatbuddy?
In my opinion this would be a mistake because this problem will prevail.

Probably I’m the only one who has this problem but for me it is clear that the error lies with the Beatbuddy.

here the links to see what i decribed. Files are named in Not in sync 01-04:
Not in sync

Seems like the folder Not in sync is empty.

Don’t know if this is the same as your issue as I have an Infinity looper and when I was looking into similar problems (a couple of years ago) between the BeatBuddy pedal and the Infinity not being in sync, the looper developers said that you sometimes had to allow a few seconds for the song on the BeatBuddy and the looper to “settle in” to sync. Once I started doing that, everything worked just fine. The “settling in time” started to go away as both firms updated their firmware.

What are the MIDI settings on your BB?

The Ditto X4 Looper does not have a folder “out of sync”!

How is it going to give the Looper a few seconds to synchronize. If I press record or play then synonymous must be recorded or play immediately. In addition, you can see very well on my videos that the synchronization does not work at all. I think this feature was programmed for the Beatbuddy and not extensively tested because if someone had tested this problem would have been recognized. I am now at the point that I no longer use the looper and meanwhile strayed from the use of AEROS Looper. For this looper I wanted to request a documentation about the MIDI functionality that could not be provided to me. This means the Looper is already sold although there is no complete documentation. This is unfortunately so with many manufacturers and therefore also such problems happen. The Beatbuddy has created a good reputation and a unique device and is now well on its way to losing it as the advancement stops or is not promoted at all. That goes for the Beatbuddy Manager in the same way.

Here my Beatbuddy configuration:

1st Footswitch function
1st Main Pedal: Disable
1st Switch Stopped: Song Back
1st Switch Playing: Pause/Unpause
2nd Footswitch function
2nd Main Pedal: Disable
2nd Switch Stopped : Song Advance
2nd Switch Playing: Outro Fill

Accent Hit Source: Default
Volume: 0Db (defaut)
Main Pedal
Intro: Enable
Outro (double Tap): Disable
Default Tempo: Enable
Default Drumset: Enable
Mute Pause: Midi-Activated
Main Pedal Unpause: Tap: Fill Hold: Stop Song

Midi Settings
Midi-In System Real Time
Sync: Enable
Start: Enable
Stop: Enable
Midi Channel Number: Channel 5
Note On: Enable
Note Off: Choke Notes
Control Change (CC): Enable
Midi Out
Output Type: Midi-Merge
Channel: Channel 4
Sync: While Playing
Start: Disable
Stop: Disable
Notes: Disable
Next Part (CC 102): Disable
Time Signature: Enable
Cue Fill Period: Next Measure
Start Beat: Press
Triple Tap Stop: Disable
Release Time: 100ms
Visual Metronome: Playing Only

Font Size: Normal
Sobriety: Sober

do you find anything unusual in my midi settings?

How are you able to perform HOLD-STOP SONG
When you are setting START BEAT- PRESS. please

When i set start beat- press then main pedal unpauses. ‘Hold’ does not stop the song, it triggers unpause.

I don’t use this function because I only play OPB songs. therefore I cannot comment on that