Start BeatBuddy intro and THEN start pre-recorded loop on Aeros

I have the BeatBuddy, the Aeros and the Midi Maestro.
The Aeros is the master.

When the Aeros song is empty (no loop recorder yet), I know how to use the “send start while scrolling” option to start the BB with the “play/stop all” button of the Aeros.

But when I have already recorded a loop on the Aeros, I don’t know how to play the intro of the BB before to start the loop. If I press the “play/stop all” of the Aeros, the intro of the BB starts but also the loop at the same time. And if I press the footswitch of the BB, it starts only the BB because the Aeros is set as Transmitter.

I also tried to set the Aeros as receiver, with the option “send as receiver”, but it seems that in this configuration, the Aeros can send stops and transitions but no starts, and the Aeros doesn’t react about the starts from the BB.

Any idea ?
Thanks !!

Hey there,

What you are trying to do requires the BeatBuddy to be the Master of the Aeros, you would need to rewire the two devices and set the Aeros to Receiver. This way when the BeatBuddy starts it will send a MIDI Start command to the Aeros.

To send the MIDI Start at the end of the intro at the start of the main beat, go to your BeatBuddy settings (Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Start) and set the MIDI Out Start setting to Main Beat

As the BeatBuddy manual states:

  • Start
    • Intro: BeatBuddy sends out the MIDI Start command at the beginning of the intro.
      • Please note that if the intro is less than a full measure long, this setting may confuse your other devices and cause them to play out of time.
    • Main Beat *: BeatBuddy sends out the MIDI Start command when the main beat starts playing after the intro has finished. This is a great way to start right on time.
    • Disable: BeatBuddy never sends out the MIDI Start command.

Please note: BeatBuddy always sends out the MIDI Start command when Unpaused, unless Start setting is disabled or Mute Pause option is selected.

What you’re trying to do is really not going to be possible when the Aeros is master (transmitter)

Hope this helps, lmk!