Start by pushing down the Main pedal

I would like to start the song just by simply pushing down the main pedal without any fills or count ins. Also, since I don’t use the pedal for double tap out fill when I double tap the main pedal it would go right back to The beginning with no sound and then I could scroll up and down with my external foot switch through my set list. I end my songs by hitting pause and accent cymbal together on my external footswitch. If I could do this I could just either start the band without drums or just count in like I had a real drummer. And example of this would be of a song where the guitar plays a couple of measures by himself and than on the next down beat I hit the pedal down and it starts right on one. Like the way the pause works on the external. Now to do this I have to have main pedal set to release and 4 beat count in to start which is a no go for me. Oh and I’d like to be able to have a base drum sound with the crash cymbals or snare or anything I’d like. Is this possible?

BTW. I’m trying to make the BB work as uncomplicated as possible. That is why I would like to just step on the pedal and go. Hit pause -crash cymbals and stop. Does this make sense?

There is a simple way to do this if you are programming your own beats: Simply do not include an intro in the song.

I believe there is also a global setting for using or not using intros, but I could be wrong about that. Maybe someone else can chime in…?


Here is the Youtube link of disable the Intro Fills by Singular Sound.

Thanks for the reply’s. The problem still its the BB still will start on the release of the pedal. I wouldn’t mind this as much if I could just hold it down and then release but than it goes into tap tempo. Anyone no how to disable tap tempo?

@Frankstew Your BeatBuddy goes into tap tempo mode by itself? If so, I need to replace it. Please email me at

Yes I have the main pedal>intro set to non and when I push it down for more than a few seconds it goes to tap tempo and back than when I release it it does not start. If I push and release real quickly it will start. I want to at least be able to push the Pedal down waiting for my count in and release on the down beat. It would be much easier to just push the pedal down on one after the count in but I’ll take what I can get. Sent Email to support as well.

Mine does this too - is it not supposed to? You can change it so it starts on the down push, but it messes up some other stuff.

I have the feeling that’s just the way it is. Don’t get me wrong I love the BB. If it would work the way I have described above (with the push down start) it would be perfect for me and my three piece small venue Americana/outlaw country band. Shame they haven’t updated the pedal since 2016. That’s a long time between updates. I use it with the Simmons DA 200s and it sounds great so I work around the pedal problems or I should say problems I have with it.

Well well. I got an email from BB support telling me this: Go into your pedal settings, and then go into Main Pedal > Start Beat > (and select with the tap button) Press - then press the left arrow a few times to go back to the normal screen. It should stop this from happening, as this is a default setting. Well it worked. Now it seems that I can stop from pause button, push down on the main for a couple of seconds, scroll through my song list with external foot switch and push down on the Main pedal and it starts. Wow!!! Thank you support!!!

Well I was wrong. Still must have start set to release. I must have been tapping pedal so quickly that I was almost on the downbeat. If I set the pedal to start at push down when I hit pause and cymbal together to end the song and go back to main to hold down to get to my song list the pedal starts again. So sorry if I mislead anyone. Back to the drawing board.