Start main beat on Aeros as Master

Could be fine to have this feature on the Aeros
When he is as master, I cannot play the intro correctly
The intro play when the song start and intro is playing into the song
I try the count in to 1, but the intro is not playing until the song start

We will not be implementing this this way, but we will have a way to handle this! Our plan is to allow the user to have a setting where they can choose whether or not the Start command is sent by the Aeros when it starts scrolling in an empty part. The Aeros in 5.0.x can now start scrolling in an empty quantized song part if the Play Stop All button is tapped.

The Aeros could desync if the BeatBuddy intro has any pickup measure, however, so intros have to be full measures to avoid issues.

For this reason I will tag this request as #considered