Start on press

To be able to start on the press instantly(without delay) but still not losing the function -Hold(main pedal) to stop while on pause.

If anybody have an idea to work around this then i would appreciate it. @Phil_Flood @BrennanSingularSound @persist
Ps i tried the “tripple tap to stop” which i did not like.

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Hello Nepali_brother,

It’s possible with a footswitch

Hi @DD29, if i set to play on press, the pedal hold triggers unpause when the song is on pause.
I wanted to be able to stop on hold.
How have you managed to make it work please?

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On my footswitch , I set my 2nd Switch playing button to --> Pause / Unpause

(I am French and I use google translate)

Let me make it more clear,
i have my left footswitch set to Accent hit, the Right footswitch to pause/unpause.
Start beat on PRESS is selected for instant play on the very start.

So, lets say I pause the song with right footswitch, Then i want to stop the song holding the main pedal down. (To go to song selection without bending down.)
This is only possible if the start beat on RELEASE is activated.

(Start beat on Release delays the very first beat and always hard to catch the timing/rhythm sync which is the main root of the problem)

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I don’t have the same settings at all … my BB is on the music stand and I don’t use Accent Hit at all and neither the BB pedal.

My Left switht replaces the BB pedal and the right Pause / unpause. I turned the Outro off and I can stop the song with the double tap anyway or fill and pause.
I directly select the next song directly on the BB on the desk.

Sorry for not being able to inquire about your settings

No problem @DD29

Hey there,

we plan on adding the ability (3.9.x) to set all things to tap so you can set stop song/ transition to tap instead and blocking the hold function when set to press, we are also planning on building logic so that if you do hold and you choose fill for example, it will still play the transition. If you stop song with a tap and keep holding you’ll enter Main pedal tap tempo mode in stopped screen.

At least this is the plan!