Start on switch press, not switch release



Another feature request. The rhythm on the BB only starts playing once you release the switch.
When I play a song that starts without drums, you have to be super precise and it would make way more sense that the BB starts playing when the switch is down, not only when it’s released.
I thought that I could learn to live with it and just release the switch in time, but if I press the switch for too long, the BB goes into tap tempo mode…

Is there a better way to do this? If not, please change it so that the beat starts right away when I press the switch.




Hmm, I’ve never actually paid attention to whether BeatBuddy starts playing on pedal press or release.

There is one technical difficulty to keep in mind though. Imagine for a second it is you who writes the algorithm. As you should be able to properly detect a pedal hold, how can you fire off a tap action right away, when you simply don’t know whether it would actually be a tap or a hold?


Agree this causes me an intolerable delay most always. If you record you’ll hear it. If you really pop the BB fast you can reduce the start time delay (not eliminate it), but you’d better tie down the BB. I’ve been practicing all morning trying to learn to time the upswing of my toes. If the tempo is slow enough I can hit down on a beat and up on a beat to start. Trying to do this causes stress to the lead guitar intro I’m playing.

Also been trying MIDI start/stop. MIDI exhibits latency (almost tolerable) on the start unless you set the footswitch (Boss FS-6) to start on the release. With this setting you can press and hold the MIDI footswitch as long as needed, then release to start. Which gives a quick start.

All the drum machines I’ve owned started at the bottom of the downward press. My first was an MTI Auto Orchestra from around 1979. Still have it.


I noticed this, it is almost impossible to start the Beatbuddy in time as there seems to be a delay. Using the external footswitch does not have this delay but then again it only starts the main loops from a pause,


As I say, without the delay BB won’t be able to tell a tap from hold, effectively removing hold from ever being possible. That’s the price we pay for convenience - to have so many functions on the pedal itself (without the foot switch).


TC Electronics also uses the release for many of their products. I’m not sure why, but it takes getting used to.