Start Outro at the end of a beat

is there a possibility to configure beatbuddy that outro starts at the end of a beat after pressing?

nobody here who can help me?

I believe if you set the Cue Fill setting to Next Beat, you would get that result.

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Thank you thats what i needed!

Are you sure? I’ve tried the various ‘Cue fill’ timing options and that doesn’t seem to have any affect on when the ‘Outro’ fill starts. Please enlighten me if I’m missing something here but I’ve been over this little idiosyncrasy so many times on my BB.

i only chsnged this setting and now it works!

That’s great 897—glad it’s working well for you now. I should’ve explained myself better in my first reply (sorry). I like to have my “fills” start on “next beat” but that obviously means the “outros” will also start on “next beat”, which I find a little awkward in gig situations. I wish the developers could make the fills and the outros have independent options, for example: fills could be on “next beat” and outros on “next measure” or whatever interval suits the user best.

thats true but i think now its not possible and the last firmwarenupdate is long… time ago!