Start recording in the middle of a mesure

Good morning,
It often want to record a musical phrase which begins a little before the first beat…
Once the first track has been recorded, I would like to be able to start recording the second track immediately and at any time without having to wait for the start of the loop (in start and length sync mode) or the start of the next bar (in length mode).
And of course, even if the beginning of second track is a little bit off from track 1, I would still like its duration to be a multiple of the duration of the first track (so that it ends a little advance too)
A bit like when you do an overdub: the recording starts immediately.
I tried selecting sync mode “off” but that didn’t solve anything. The recording still waits for the beginning of the next measure to start…

Thank you for your help!

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Hey there,

We will likely never support this, especially since you can get a very similar behavior by using overdubs instead of a recording

The only way to start a recording at any time but still be in sync is when the Aeros is in freeform mode while Sync Tracks is set to Length only, meaning the length of the recorded tracks will be synchronized but not the start point.

Thanks for the question!