Start recording only when starting playing (Auto Record)

How can I use my keyboard to master BB,MM & Aeros

You mean use keyboard as the master?
Or the MIDI Maestro? I’d need a little more info on what is controlling what.

My guess is MIDI Maestro> Keyboard> BB> Aeros, am I correct?

I am not sure. What do you suggest? thx

It really depends on what can act as the “Master”, if you’re not sure, I would guess you do not need the Keyboard to be connected via MIDI. In that case I suggest using Maestro> BB> Aeros. There will be more configurations possible soon with the Aeros.

If this is not the case, maybe let me know what you’re trying to achieve sonically/musically?

right on. Keep the keyboard separate.

Check out this video on MIDI connectivity and this video on audio routing

Just want to say this is something we plan to add to Aeros functionality eventually, thanks for all the feedback everyone! It is now tagged med-long-term.

I would also like to see this feature. Have a input Volume Threshhold setting. Hit record, recording waits for an input signal, when audio level reaches the input threshold then start the actual recording.

Hello there, that would likely be the case, yes

Thanks for the feedback!

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So hopefully more med than long term :wink:


And btw, I hope you are still considering this suggestion. The more I think of it, the more I feel that it would be a very cool feature for quantized mode users…

Not sure we would take that route, Autoquantize is more in line with what you’re asking, but we will likely not make a count in for freeform or autoquantize, not sure I understand the benefit of that.

the click track [ set at 98 ] thru aux , audio is very low!

Hey there this seems like it’s own report and is not related to this post, please make a new post in the appropriate place

Dont know exactly what you mean but what really pissed me off was in freeform mode I would start the beat and aeros and when I pressed record sometimes it would start recording sraight away and other times there would be a delay of a couple of measures even tho the countin was set to zero
This made using the aeros very difficult especially live because with other loopers Im use to recording starting when the record button is pressed.
With the aeros I found that I had to check if there was a measure or two delay which made it almost useless and Ive basically given up on it.
Apart from this issue I liked all the other design innovations

Hey there,

I do not believe anything you’re mentioning has been an issue for a long time, have you tried the latest version 3.3.0?

Also, freeform is not meant to be used with the BeatBuddy, this will cause desynchronization, you should only use the Aeros with a Master clock (like the BB) when the Aeros is in Quantized mode. Otherwise, there will be issues with timing as the loops keep playing together.

Let me know, thanks!

I would love this option! :slight_smile: hope it happens in near future.

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Finally implemented in Aeros Firmware 5.0.x and it’s called “Auto Record”.

@BrennanSingularSound this is with pleasure that I tag this request as implemeted !

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