Start recording only when starting playing (Auto Record)

I think everything is the title.
Basically I just want to mimic my preferred mode of my 10 year old Boss RC-2.

When in freeform mode, I would like the first recording to start only when I start playing, ignoring all the blank space before I kick in.

After that, everything should behave as usual.

And probably it does not even require an extra config flag to drive the feature, as if you start playing immediately after hitting the record button, it should start recording immediately like it does today (again same as with my old RC-2).

EDIT: Suggestion to do the same for quantized mode…


Audio-triggered recording would be an AWESOME feature!

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We agree this would be pretty awesome, definitely something to try down the road!

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I like the idea of just starting to jam and have the drums come in at that tempo…

I don’t know BeatBuddy and its exact features, but I imagine it requires some tempo and time signature predefined at Aeros level (ie the quantized mode) to fully work along. Am I right ? Or does BeatBuddy have a kind of analyze-the-beat feature ?

I am hoping Cingular Sound will add this feature

Then it probably deserves its own request in the BeatBuddy Feature Requests topic (actually maybe it is already requested, but I don’t own a BeatBuddy, thus not really following on that front), but it’s not really related to this request, which is much simpler and hopefully much more realistically expected to be implemented in a near future.

Hello @BrennanSingularSound, I was wondering if actually this could not even be applied to the quantized mode.

Not only it would be really cool, but on top of this it would even simplify the song config by removing the need of the count-in measures number.

You just say count-in y/n (or even not even needed , as same as for the freeform mode, if you immediately start playing, you don’t even notice it) , and then the Aeros loops clicks (or not, still depending on the global settings) until you actually kick-in. Depending on the measure/tempo that would be even much better than “harcoding” a number of count-in measures for the song.

What do you think of that ? It would provide a unified experience between freeform and quantized modes…

Of course it has more impacts on the display than for the freeform mode (a kind of wait mode echoing the click while not moving the bar until the user kicks in), but I have no doubt quantized mode users would like it.

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This would probably not be the way it works, the Aeros would have to do the following:
Record the first track> Instantly divide that track based on time signature > Tell the BeatBuddy the Tempo> BeatBuddy starts immediately
Notice that’s a lot of things to happen in less than a quarter of a second, maybe less than an eighth…

We will have to look into it a lot, but the Aeros will also need to be able to be Master and also send tempo/time signature info.

That being said, an auto-record function would probably start off as an internal function and then we will probably move on to expanding it’s ability (once stable) to incorporate the BeatBuddy seamlessly.

A lot of things have to be done before we can even get there, namely the MIDI implementation on the Aeros so that it can be Master as well as slave, as well as the beat clock; and also the auto-quantize function.

So this may not be coming all too soon.

I don’t believe there is any hardware in the BeatBuddy that is reading incoming levels in a way that it can be turned to useful tempo data. I can ask. Most likely, the BB will have to behave as I stated above, as slave to the Aeros. How well will this work? Not sure, will be an experiment, we may have to fumble around with how often the BB is syncing to Aeros tempo, possibly incorporating smaller, finer levels of subdivision so that even if beat one is a few ms off on BB it resyncs before you reach beat 2. This is probably no small feat!

It’s an interesting idea, that way once a threshold is reached, it’s as if a record command was sent and will start recording on the following measure. And the forgiveness lag (if Aeros was told to playback and not record) would make sure if within 300ms of beat, it will still be recorded.
I don’t know if we would outright trash the set count in, but it’s an interesting expansion to the feature.

There’s a lot of ifs here but I know we are interested in looking into it.

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How can I use my keyboard to master BB,MM & Aeros

You mean use keyboard as the master?
Or the MIDI Maestro? I’d need a little more info on what is controlling what.

My guess is MIDI Maestro> Keyboard> BB> Aeros, am I correct?

I am not sure. What do you suggest? thx

It really depends on what can act as the “Master”, if you’re not sure, I would guess you do not need the Keyboard to be connected via MIDI. In that case I suggest using Maestro> BB> Aeros. There will be more configurations possible soon with the Aeros.

If this is not the case, maybe let me know what you’re trying to achieve sonically/musically?

right on. Keep the keyboard separate.

Check out this video on MIDI connectivity and this video on audio routing

Just want to say this is something we plan to add to Aeros functionality eventually, thanks for all the feedback everyone! It is now tagged med-long-term.

I would also like to see this feature. Have a input Volume Threshhold setting. Hit record, recording waits for an input signal, when audio level reaches the input threshold then start the actual recording.

Hello there, that would likely be the case, yes

Thanks for the feedback!

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So hopefully more med than long term :wink:


And btw, I hope you are still considering this suggestion. The more I think of it, the more I feel that it would be a very cool feature for quantized mode users…