Start song either with or without Intro

I would like to be able to start a Song with or without Intro, but without disable Intro at all…
So maybe CC 114 for Intro Start and Transition (CC 113, value X) for start in specific Songpart without Intro… (( better would be to have Transition as Intro in this case…), CC 113 value 127 Start first Part without Transition…)
And/Or CC 114 127 Start with Intro CC 114 1 (or 0) Without Intro
Could this be doable???

I do the same – some songs have intros/count-ins, some just start. I accomplish this by either having an intro or not. Meaning that if your song does not have an intro, it will start immediately on the first pattern. So, where you don’t want an intro, save the song without an intro.

In some cases it would be a better solution for me to change that behavior on the fly…
Without BBM and enable the Intro at all.
So I would need every song twice, and change the song within a song…

I’m not sure I understand your use case. For me, I either want an intro/count or I don’t. But I don’t think you can change the behaviour on the fly. Your only option – apart from having two versions, as you said – would be to have one version with an intro, start it, and immediately pause it. When you unpause, the song will start with the first pattern.

The only way I can see that working smoothly, though, is to have two silent beats ahead of the intro so you can start it and stop it before th BB makes any sounds. Could work…

I think I have the same request as Dennis.
I use the BB together with OnSong. When I select a Title in OnSong it sends MIDI commands to BB in order to select the BB Song and the Tempo. I use the same BB Song for some song titles with intro for other song titles without intro. Therfore I have to save the BB Song twice. For example, “Blues 1 with intro” and “Blues 1 without intro”. It would be much easier to have only one BB song with intro and switch on and off the intro by MIDI command from OnSong.
I would like to send a MIDI command “Intro enabled” - then all BB songs are started with intro (if they have one). Then I send MIDI command “Intro disables” - from now on all BB songs are started without intro.

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Would also like this feature. I want the option to start a song with or without an intro. I also use the Midi Maestro and my use case is:

  1. Start song from part 1 with intro
  2. Start song from another part without intro

Having a MIDI option to enable/disable intro would be great!

I agree with this also. It seems a bit crazy to me that there are midi commands that allow me to play a specific part, but they only work as long as the song is already playing, otherwise they are preceded by an intro. If I wanted to play an intro I wouldn’t be asking to play part 1, 2 or 3, would I?

It’s real easy to export a song, import it to a new folder, give it a new name, delete the intro and save it. That will happen much, much quicker than Singular will add a feature to the BB.