Start/Stop/Pause song selection 3 button config.

Need 3 button operation …Start stop does just that . middle button will swicth to the next part or click twice for next song & third button could be Accent/crash …This may not be a Good idea,but in my head it seems it would be more Foot freindly.

Unfortunately, a stereo cable has only 2 channels, meaning it can support exactly two external footswitch pedals.
And I am still not sure I can get your idea. So you say you would like:
1 - Start/stop footswitch (starts when stopped, stops when played)
2 - Transition when played, Next song when stopped
3 - Accent Hit

What about a Pause feature then?

Then How do Multi effects boards like Booss Me50 & Line 6 etc … How do they have so many footswitch options I wonder cuz I use a mono cable yet can switch between 5 pedals settings. It was just an idea …basically taking the dial feature for next song or next drumset & putting it in a push button for your foot,avoiding having to reach down & manually turn a dial. Still a super cool pedal, Just seems if it were possible to lessen having to count 1 push,2 pushes,3 pushes, step & hold .kinda thing & more of a button layout.

Currently, BeatBuddy doesn’t use any advanced protocols when dealing with external footswitches. This may be redesigned in the future.

Ability to controll BB per Midi would provide any user every opportunities to build their own switch setups. The only limits would be given by the Midi controller… (sorry when I repeat my application, but I require Midi controll)

The information from a Digitech FS3X is carried over a stereo cable. The receiving device has to interpret a signal from the tip, the ring, or the tip and the ring together.

There may be a limitation on the Beat Buddy hardware/software end but a TRS input can absolutely be configured to allow for three distinct signals.

@Adamixoye This might actually work :slight_smile: