"start with fill" or "unpause with fill"


Hi folks,
I just listened to a BB video on youtube of a cover of Purple Rain.
He makes nice use of the pause function, but I started wanting a little fill as he started back up after the pauses.
So, a suggestion,
“fill after pause”
this would necessitate some parameters. I imagined either a quarter-note fill or a dotted quarter-note fill.

Maybe this could be extended to “fill on start.”
Many of us may not be using the prepared intros because they won’t fit what we’re doing. Frankly, for my current uses, many of the intros are to long, busy and flashy. But, a basic quarter-note or half-note fill in to the first verse would work.
So, “fill on start” would be, I think, really useful. The user could just select a default length, maybe globally, or per song, and the BB would supply a random fill when the pedal is pressed to start.

Just some thoughts from a guy who hasn’t received his yet. :slight_smile:



I’d rather wait for the manager software actually. It will give more possibilities to edit/add/remove different fills of various length to the song.

As for playing a fill after a pause, I believe such an option already exists - just tap main pedal for unpause instead of a pause footswitch to do exactly that.