starting a song on section 2?

Hi there,
Well, isn’t this exciting!!! I found out about BeatBuddy on Sunday… and had big one by Thursday!!!
Here’s a little question or two (and maybe a firmware option?)
There are some songs I play where I would like to start the BB on the second main section rather than the first.
Firstly, is this possible?
secondly, if not, please could it be made possible by double tapping the BB to start the rhythm in a future FW release?
Many Thanks.

(ps I did look for an answer on the forum, but got loads of stuff about Boss Loopers. for some reason)


To do this I typically loop a simple high hat part in BB and play over that and when I am ready to start drums on a second verse I transition to the next part in BB . Not sure if this is the best approach for what you are looking for.

Thanks for the idea. I guess that would work.
The problem is… I’m lazy and don’t want to bother with the BB manager to be honest. (Actually I’m just way too busy to learn how to)
Thanks again though, if it comes to that I’m either not going to bother… or learn…



@RickBrock What you want to achieve is actually very simple to do! :slight_smile:

Download the BeatBuddy Manager here (5 min):

Create a project according to the instructions in this tutorial video (~1 min):

And then all you need to do to switch song parts with each other is to press on the little arrows per song shown in the image below (then synchronize changes):

If you need further assistance with anything, feel free to post a message on the forum, or send us an email directly: :slight_smile: