Starting BeatBuddy from a DAW MIDI command?

Hello all! New BeatBuddy user here. Loving it so far! I got my BB synching up perfectly with my Boomerang III, which is awesome! But I am trying something else: I am wanting to use a DAW, (in my case Acid Pro 7) to synch up with my BB, and then the BB to my Boomerang. I was able to get Acid Pro to send the Tempo info to the BB by outputting the MIDI Clock. But to get the BB to sync perfectly with the DAW, I think I will have to create a MIDI command in Acid to start the BB playing at the right time to be in sync with the DAW. Has anyone tried something like this? I haven’t seen anything similar looking through the forum questions. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I am using Möbius (free looper software), that starts BB with a Midi- Start command. Works perfectly… (I think that should help you also…)

Thanks a lot, Dennis! That’s kind of what I was thinking; I just don’t know how yet to do that in Acid Pro. I know there’s a way, I just don’t know how. Looks like I’ll have to delve even deeper into the Acid Pro manual! Great to know that someone else has gotten it to work, though! That gives me the incentive to keep trying. Thanks again!