Starting beats with the double switch

Using a longer correct cable, I’d like to have the main switch at keyboard level, making the Genre, BPM and Drum Set changes with my fingers. Is there a way to program one of the double switches to be the start button instead of having to squeeze the main pedal?

Not at present. Probably not what you need however, if you’re using midi, a CC-114 (with a value >0) will allow you to start playback of the current song.

It might be nice to have a third switch on the remote foot switch (or the existing two-switch remote) programmed to do this.

Thanks for the reply. If it wouldn’t void my warranty, I could take off the footpad part of the main switch, exposing the easier-to-push button to push (stopping the beat) after pausing with the double footswitch. Another step, but might be worth it.

Arizona Mike ,
You might have a look here:
It will void your warranty , though.

I did the hack and it works great. Just make sure to read the post about getting the ground wires correct.

Alternatively, some users have been working miracles with the beta firmware and midi controllers.

It will void the warranty, but some users decide to do it anyway. :slight_smile:

Would you know How I enter in a value >0 ? I ask because I have to convert that value from Decimal to Hex and I’m not sure what >0 is in Decimal