Startup problem

Hi, sometimes, but it happens quite often, when I start a sound, either with an intro or with the countdown, it doesn’t start on the first bar, sometimes it seems like it only hits 2 beats out of 4 before starting, sometimes it does like one or two empty bars before starting.
But it only does it once, if I stop the sound and start it again, it starts correctly.
It often does this after a track change, or after plugging in the SD card. At first I thought it was only after plugging it in but now I realized that it does it after a track change too.

Sorry I used a translator to talk to you. I think it must come from sounds that I modified.

I understood where the problem was coming from.
I noticed that there is a beat loading bar in the Drum set location and if I start the beat before it is fully loaded, it gives me these startup problems.

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Hey, glad you figured it out, thanks for reporting and solving it!

I have stock sd card, should I buy a faster one ?

I kinda just went through this recently. Some of the drum kits were loading slow and if I tried to start the song it wasn’t playing correctly on the initial beats.
I have some software that can benchmark SD card read and write speeds, so I set about testing a few of the SD cards I have including the off brand one that I was using in the Beat Buddy.

Inx 1.0GB - Avg read speed 11.08MB/s (This one was in the BB)
Sandisk Ultra II 2.0GB Class 4 - Avg read speed 10.37MB/s
Sandisk Ultra 32GB UHS-1 Class 10 - Avg read speed 29.04MB/s
Sandisk Ultra 128GB UHS-1 Class 10 - Avg read speed 29.12MB/s

I ended up putting the BB data from the inx SD card onto the Sandisk Ultra 32GB card that had the avg read speed of 29.04MB/s. The loading of the drum kits does seem a bit faster and has not ‘hiccuped’ when the beat starts while the loading bar is showing for the times I tried it.

Thank you for your feedback.
For the moment I will continue with this card, the day I get tired of it, I will buy a Sandisk extreme pro 95MB/s