STAX Yamaha Piano & ePiano

A variation on the STAX Yamaha Piano & Hi Strings kit. Here, the Sonivox Velvet Mark I Chorused electric piano replaces the strings. EPiano range is C#2 through G4. This provides a “lead” instrument for piano/guitar fills, but with a different timbre from the main Yamaha piano which is often being used as a rhythm instrument. A kit map is included, along with the .drm file.

Note: Edited 2020-01-15 to add a previously missing D3 note to the Acoustic Piano.

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Great kit… Nicely done Phil_Flood…

Nice job Phil, Thanks!

Sample slot #74 (aka Piano D3) is missing from my download…otherwise…nice kit!



Thanks for pointing that out. The kit has been fixed at the link above.