Stem separation software

By curiosity I downloaded the trial version of RipX DeepRemix stem separation software. My time was limited but I was able to separate 1. the bass 2. individual drums symbols and percussion with a click and then convert to midi with another click. The next step would be to put it in a DAW and make it BBuddy compatible. Has anyone had experience of using this to make beatbuddy beats?

This looks really intriguing. I may give it a try. My sense is that I’ll still end up with a bunch of artifacts that take as much to clear up as it would to create the file from scratch. But, it looks like it may give a good starting point. Most of the on-line reviews seem to indicate that the lower cost version provides all of the really special features of the higher end product, i.e., extraction of song parts to stems. From there, you can convert to midi with it or other products that do pitch to midi for single instruments. Note that there are both educational discounts and some crossover discounts available (Izotope RX and Celemony Melodyne.) There is a time limited demo, and the discounted price for the basic version works out to $50 or $75, depending on which discount you might qualify for. The higher end version seems a bit steep at $349.