Step by step settings to use BB as a sound module

I’ve tried for 2 days to turn the BB into a midi drumsound module, triggered by Ableton Live, but in vain!
I took another drum machine, and there everything is working fine, so the midi information is streaming well from Live! till the midi input of BB! I know also the span of notes that I can use (between C1 and C3).

Let’s start from here: I reset the BB to the factory settings and then what?

Is it possible to give me a step-by-step list of settings to make it a sound module? I’m really tired of pushing knobs…

Not 100% sure how Ableton works, but I’ve used Cakewalk ever since I had my BeatBuddy. Essentially, all my settings on the pedal are the default settings, I haven’t really changed any of the MIDI settings. For the most part, I control my BB thru my DAW. I send CC via the DAW even MIDI drum patterns, using the BB essentially as a drum module the same way I use my Roland Sound Canvas. My experience has been when I’ve had any issues sending either MIDI patterns or CC’s, it almost always turned out to be a setting in my DAW. Only thing I can offer (because I’m not real familiar with Ableton Live) is make sure the MIDI out to the BB is channel 10. If you’re talking about using a launch pad to trigger the MIDI events from Ableton, based on my familiarity with Cakewalk and using the BeatBuddy, my sense is that you need to assign the functions for the controller within Ableton. Have you checked Ableton’s forums? Maybe someone there has already figured it out. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

So I was looking on the Ableton forums, and saw posts that I assume were from you. It did make me think a little. Are you trying to send the MIDI commands via the USB connected directly to the BB? If so, I think that may be the issue. I connect my BB to a MIDIPlus 4x4 interface via the MIDI cable connected to the MIDI sync port on the BB. I’m not 100% certain, but I do not think it is possible to connect the BB directly to the computer via the USB and have it work.

Thanks for your quick reaction!

I have no problems sending midi info from the BB to the DAW, using the midi-connectors on the audio card (Focusrite Scarlett), so normally the other way must also be possible. Again, the DAW sends infor to another module, so - at least - at the input of teh BB midi is presented.

I’ve tried all midi channels already (also ch 10), but invain…

The USB-port on the BB doesn’t transfer the midi-data according to some review video’s on Youtube: it only accesses the files on the SD-card.

On another note, I think that the manual from Singular Sounds is not complete at all: in the intro they suggest to use the BB as a sound module for e-drums, but no explanation of how it works.

I hope to find a good explanation one day.


Since I seem to be able to do what you’re trying to do, I figured I’d put the MIDI settings that I use so you can compare:

BeatBuddy Pedal:
System Real Time
Sync - enabled
Start - enabled
Stop - enabled
MIDI Channel Number - 10
Note On - enabled
Note Off - ignored
Control Changes - enabled
Temp - MSB 106; LSB 107
Mix Vol - 108
HP Vol - 109
Pause/Unpause - 111
Drum Fill - 112
Transition - 113
Intro - 114
Outro - 115
Drum Set - 116
Tap Temp - 117
Output Type - MIDI Out
Channel - 10
Sync - Always On
Start - Main Beat
Stop - Pause and End
Notes - Disable
Next Part (CC 102) - disable
Time Signature - enable

Settings in DAW (Cakewalk)
Send MIDI Sync (used when I use beats included in BB) - Transmit MIDI Start/Stop/Continue
MIDI Sync output ports - BB and my Roland Sound Module
MIDI output and input devices - make sure you have selected the BB

Hope this helps at least to narrow something down for you. I know how frustrated I get when something isn’t working. Good Luck…

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Thanks man, I’ll try it first time in the morning (it’s almost midnight here in Belgium)!



I’ve tried all the settings you have given me, but still no sound…
I’m sure that there is a midi-stream sent to the BB (because another drum module do react), so I have 3 options:

Or the midi breakout cable is broken at the “in” connector
Or internal in the BB there is a broken connection behind the “in”
Or there is a software error, but that seems very unlikely, because all the rest is 100% working.

So, the main problem here is that it is difficult to test, only when using another breakout cable or BB in the chain I can be sure of the cause. I have to talk to my dealer.

It sounds to me there is a communications issue. Too bad there is no way to test the MIDI breakout cable without either having another cable or another BeatBuddy. I’m sure you’ve done this, but if you have an extension MIDI cable from the breakout cable to your interface, have you tried exchanging them? That would eliminate another possible issue. Good luck, I know how frustrating issues like this are.


Don’t know if you’ve tried this, but this link might be helpful

@Doodaman: I’ve swapped cables, yes. And as I’ve mentioned before, if I connect another drum module, it works. So midi info is streaming into the BeatBuddy breakout cable… I wish it were that simple!

Dear, if I connect another drum module, than everything works fine! If I connect the BB - using all the same settings - then there is no sound coming out of the BB.
I’ve contacted the (web)store where I bought the BB to ask their opinion, but no answer so far.
The ideal situation is to be able to connect another BB to exclude all scenario’s.

It’s very annoying!

I’d be annoyed, too. You’ll have to share what the outcome resolution finally is. Hope it is resolved quickly.

Well, the problem has been solved: malfunctioning cable! I’ve received another one and everything works 100% now.

Good to hear…